Separating and Divorce Family Help

The only way to separate from someone successfully is through ‘LOVE.’

If you don’t find that love within yourself when separating, then you will carry that old relationship into all your future relationships. Therefore, you will be trapped!

Separating with love means your children can grow up unburdened. They can be free to live their own lives and not carry their parent's unfinished business into their future.

All families need help and support. Families that experience separation or divorce need more help because mum and dad probably don’t see eye to eye, are distrustful, bitter or disappointed with life and may retreat into their old childish/familial patterns. Often, I see one parent lie, hurt or try to destroy their ex through revenge and court battles.

Believing that a solicitor will solve your family problems is like inviting a thief into your house expecting that he will solve all your problems and you will live happily ever after. It won’t! And the legal outcome after paying the huge expense to external people (who don’t care about your family) will not reflect your family, its needs nor your individual needs.

When communication breaks down the parental control breaks down. The parents bring their hurt to their children and while it is difficult enough to grow from being a child to an adult – it’s more difficult when the child must watch their parents fall apart, parent themselves through physical or emotional parental absence or, emotional carry a parent. An example of a child emotionally carrying a parent is when the child sleeps in the same bed as their parent. The roles are reversed, and the child will not develop their sense of self through caring for their lonely parent. The child will never develop their sexuality.

Parents are the child’s bedrock of safety, security and their emotional lifeline.

Just because mum and dad don’t live in the same house does not mean that their children have lost a mum and dad. Separation can be good for children when it stops the tension and fighting.

If a mother cannot love her children’s father, then she will reject or hate the male aspect of her children. The children, in other words, will be lost.

If a father cannot love his children’s mother, then he will reject or hate his children’s female aspect. The children in other words will be lost.

People usually separate because something from their past remains uncompleted. By bringing back the Love and understanding into the relationship the family can survive, thrive and prosper.

What service I provide for Separating families:

Understand the real reasons as to why the marriage failed.

Understand where the children (if any) loyalties lie within the family.

Understand the burdens the children carry from their separating parents.

How to realign the parents into the role of supporting and giving to their children.

Allow the children to become children through being responsible only for ‘playing and having fun’.

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