Let me help you step out of the energy of your original family and learn how to relate as the loving person you are.


Family Constellation Workshops

Working on issues such as energy, viewpoint or situation that keep occurring in your life that you seemingly cannot be released from.

Healing Training Workshop

Healing workshops introduce both public and established therapists to the world of energy psychology.

Separating / Divorce Family Help

All families need help and support. Families that experience separation or divorce need more help because mum and dad probably don’t see eye to eye, are distrustful, bitter or disappointed with life and may retreat into their old childish/familial patterns.

Separating with love means your children can grow up unburdened. They can be free to live their own lives and not carry their parent's unfinished business into their future.

Widow/ Bereaved Help

According to the 2016 Census there are over 196,000 widows in Ireland or 5.2% of the population. Unfortunately, each week in the U.K there are 8 new widows created under the age of 50.

The healing process involves opening/ close …release sadness…. breath and find a new sense of self…and open again. They must learn how to transcend their lower self and find a new meaning in their life through their experiences. The sharing of that experience will reciprocate a return of happy energy that will begin to feed them emotionally and spiritually.

As a gift to widowed clients all fees are discounted by 50%.

Help for Mums/ Dads / Guardians

Being in a relationship is difficult. Having a relationship and being a parent while remaining in love is even more difficult. Children will not rescue a relationship. 

Within couple relating sessions the adults learn how to relate as adults. They learn how to stop relating as an individual as per any hidden burden, loyalty or identification they may be carrying from their family of origin. This allows them to move into the space of relating through love, presence and giving. This brings freedom to the relationship which the children can then experience in their own lives.