Widow and Bereaved Help

According to the 2016 Census there are over 196,000 widows in Ireland or 5.2% of the population. Unfortunately, each week in the U.K there are 8 new widows created under the age of 50.

The level of loss and emotional hurt to losing your best friend, confident, partner, and spouse can be overwhelming. Your place in the world changes in that you now must relearn how to be a single person again … after all those years.

Anger is frowned upon in the western world. It is a greatly misunderstood energy. Anger for widowed people comes from:

the loss of the life that gave so much, the disappointment of what life has made you endure,the loss of what could have been in the future,

AND most importantly the inability to push through anger into sadness.

Anger is a secondary emotion. The primary emotion is always sadness.

Underneath sadness lies acceptance.

Acceptance comes from opening to what is. Learning how to grow a new sense of self within your new life. Learning how to manage sadness through your heart charka. Learning what life has demanded that you learn.

From experience, the first two years after such a loss is about survival. People who loose loved ones can be in a daze for the first two years after the loss. After this time, they can then begin to achieve a new sense of self and exchange that energy with their new world.

The healing process involves opening/ close …release sadness…. breath and find a new sense of self…and open again. They must learn how to transcend their lower self and find a new meaning in their life through their experiences. The sharing of that experience will reciprocate a return of happy energy that will begin to feed them emotionally and spiritually.

Services I offer widowed people:

Explain to them the process of grieving.

Explain and show them how the body, mind and spirit grieve.

Show them how to manage that grief on a mind, body and Spirit basis.

Show them the signs of how new life emerges unto them from underneath their loss.

As a gift to widowed clients all fees are discounted by 50%.

To book this workshop please send an email to gerrycoleman365@gmail.com